10 benefits field service software could bring to your business

If you operate a field service organisation, you’ll be all too familiar with the many challenges and complexities surrounding your business operation.

You’re field workers are likely to cover many different types of jobs, including installations, repairs, service and maintenance jobs; making each day different from the last with no two jobs the same. What’s more, the jobs themselves may be highly complex needing specific skills, parts or tools in order to complete the task.

For many field service organisations, the jobs will include a combination of routine service calls, combined with unplanned or emergency work received from customers throughout the day.

Any emergency requests need to be assigned to the most suitable field worker and schedules must be adjusted accordingly to accommodate these requests. In addition to emergency call-outs, if jobs overrun and field workers are unable to complete all of their jobs for that day, they will need to be transferred to the next day’s schedule.

The management of this rescheduling and prioritisation process can prove to be extremely challenging, especially when there are likely to be numerous other workflow dependencies to consider.

For organisations that manage their field service schedules with paper-based processes, these challenges become even more exigent. It’s almost impossible for office workers to make informed decisions about schedules and dispatch when they are unlikely to be working with all the information they need. These paper-based processes result in a huge amount of time and resource being allocated to creating daily schedules and then managing changes as they occur.

For complete optimisation of resources and effective service delivery, full visibility of field workers and their progress is vital.

With the MPOS field service scheduling solution, office users have access to a real-time view of completed and scheduled jobs, exact field worker location and the parts held on each vehicle, allowing new jobs to be allocated to the most suitable field worker reducing costs, increasing productivity and improving customer service.

Here are just ten ways that the right field service scheduling solution can benefit your business:

  1. Fast, accurate scheduling and dispatch: Create daily service schedules according to job dependencies, field worker skills and customer locations.
  2. Dynamic job allocation: Assign incoming emergency jobs to field workers and adjust schedules accordingly with simple-to-use, drag-and-drop functionality.
  3. Complete visibility: Monitor field worker progress against schedule, inform customers of delays and reassign jobs to other field workers if previous jobs overrun.
  4. Route optimisation: Daily schedules automatically optimised for maximum efficiency and productivity.
  5. Instant access to equipment details and service history: Quick view of all equipment at a customer site, including make, model, item location and full service history.
  6. Request and receive load order requests: Complete load order requests for future jobs direct from the mobile or tablet device, and confirm receipt with all data automatically sent back to the office.
  7. Increase field worker productivity: Complete more jobs in less time with enhanced optimisation, increased visibility and instant access to all information required.
  8. Reduce administration costs: Significantly reduce paper-based processes and manual tasks, eliminating associated costs.
  9. Full tracking of parts and stock movements: Record all stock movements and instantly view parts available on field workers’ vehicles in order to accurately assign new jobs.
  10. Improve customer service: Increase first-call success rate with greater control and information and proactively communicate with customers to manage expectations.

The MPOS field service solution creates the operational hub for field service organisations transforming your operations and providing your business with the tools it needs to succeed.

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