How an effective bakery delivery management solution can meet ever-increasing customer demands and enhance customer service

Customer expectations have evolved over time, but never as rapidly as they have in the past couple of years. There is no doubt that we are now living in ‘the age of the customer’. Today, customers know more, and they expect more. In fact, according to a study by Walker, by the year 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator. (1)

With customer expectations at an all-time high, and their ability to switch to a competitor easier than ever, bakery wholesalers must deliver excellence in customer service to ensure they remain competitive in the new digital age.

Many bakery wholesale delivery businesses currently operate slow and labour-intensive processes that involve manual data entry, multiple spreadsheets and duplication of tasks across various systems. This lack of automation not only results in increased staff and operation costs, but it also increases the chance of customer dissatisfaction due to the many limitations posed by the disjointed systems and processes.

Do your office and administrative staff wait for mobile workers to return to the depot with paper delivery notes? Do they then manually work through piles of paperwork, often with illegible, handwritten adjustments, re-entering the information to allow invoices to be generated? Can you provide customers with realistic delivery ETAs and meet strict delivery windows without having to telephone delivery drivers for updates?

With cumbersome processes, human error is inevitable, as are customer complaints due to invoice and order inaccuracies and failure to meet expectations.

The solution? An automated delivery management solution with bakery-specific functionality that allows you to quickly and effectively meet customer demands whilst reducing your operating costs and increasing your sales opportunities.

With an effective bakery delivery management solution, your mobile workers are equipped with the latest technology on handheld devices (mobiles or tablets) providing them with full and instant access to customer and product information.

Real-time data exchange between mobile workers and office staff improves customer service with progress visibility and location updates, and it also ensures customer SLA compliance. Electronic proof of delivery, with the ability to make adjustments at the point of delivery, is recorded with a signature captured directly on the handheld device and the only printed document is the customer’s invoice, printed by the driver using a handheld printer (can also be emailed to the customer).The completed order data and proof of delivery can be sent back to the office in real-time, providing the office team with an immediate report of completed orders by driver and allowing invoices to be generated immediately and issued straight to the customer.

No manual data entry, no mistakes, no missed delivery windows and no customer complaints.

By introducing a bakery delivery solution to your business, you’ll gain real-time visibility to business-critical information, which will assist you in providing unrivalled customer service to maintain your existing customer base thus allowing you to focus on expanding your business and maximising new sales opportunities.

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