Automating business processes for commercial building and construction supplies distributors and manufacturers

Operating a successful commercial building and construction supplies company involves managing multiple complex processes and logistical challenges whilst working within a face-paced and often unforgiving environment.

In order to stay ahead of your competition, it’s important to provide your customers with consistent, fast and accurate service. However, this is often easier said than done whilst also trying to stay on top of production, suppliers, customers, service levels and inventory.

The most effective way to take control of your construction supplies business is to streamline, automate and integrate your business processes. With the introduction of a robust, end-to-end delivery management system, you could gain complete control over your operations, giving your business the competitive edge it needs and positively impact your bottom line. There are also many unexpected benefits – did you know that by implementing delivery management software you could also extend your trading hours, predict sales volumes and maximise your stock availability?

Here’s we explore some of the many advantages mobile delivery software could bring to your business:

Save time and improve accuracy

Remove the need for re-keying data and improve order and invoicing accuracy allowing you to reallocate staff to more proactive tasks, extend trading hours and be seen as more responsive to your customers, meeting and exceeding their demands.

Respond quickly to real-time demands

Instantly allocate new orders and manage on-the-day circumstances based on real-time delivery progress, mobile worker location, vehicle type and stock, then reschedule and prioritise jobs reducing labour and fuel costs and meeting customer demands.

Optimise and track delivery performance

Schedule and optimise delivery route sequences and monitor delivery performance by analysing KPIs around requested, promised and actual delivery dates and percentage of completion within specified date ranges.

Run a smoother, more streamlined operation

Ensure fast and effective management of customer orders and accounts with customer-specific pricing and SLAs, and reduce the need for continuous internal communication by introducing the ability to make real-time, accurate data transfers to and from mobile workers.

Deliver consistent and responsive service

Provide seamless customer service by reacting and responding faster to customer delivery demands, instantly recall information for faster dispute resolutions and keep track of customer site restrictions such as vehicle size and offloading capabilities.

Accurately control stock

Maximise stock availability and simplify pick, assemble, pack and ship operations, as well as improving responsiveness in assemble-to-order management by more accurately predicting what is going to sell and when. Consignment stock functionality also available.

Gain full business visibility and optimise business decisions

Gain instant view of daily sales, cash and stock summary and analyse and monitor performance by individual, route, region or time period and identify opportunities for growth and development, as well as being able to address any reoccurring issues.

Mobile Enterprise Systems is the leading supplier of electronic proof of delivery software  and mobile workforce management solutions providing building and construction supply businesses with configurable and scalable, end-to-end solutions allowing them to accurately monitor and easily manage their mobile workforces whilst increasing responsiveness, performance and profitability.

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