Managing external contractors using field service management software

An increasing number of businesses are turning to external contractors and third-party workers to fulfil their field service operations. Most of these contracted technicians will be required to have direct contact with customers, drive company vehicles and/or represent your business and your brand.

So why are more and more businesses outsourcing employees?

Demand Fluctuation: If your trade is seasonal, or experiences peaks in demand at certain times of the year, outsourcing employees can provide increased flexibility allowing you to increase (and then reduce) staff levels when required, without having to recruit, employ and train new staff members.

Business expansion: If you’re a local, regional or national business looking to expand into new areas, regions or countries, it’s often beneficial to ‘test the water’ with contracted staff who have all the skills you require but who also understand the area.

Variation of skills: For jobs that require specialist skills, such as complex equipment programming and maintenance, outsourcing these jobs to contractors with these particular skills could reduce costs, particularly if these skills are required less frequently. On the other hand, you may wish to outsource the less skilled work leaving the more knowledge-intensive work for your internal employees.

However, without an effective field service management solution in place, there are also a number of risks and challenges involved with outsourcing your workers.

Lower levels of product, service and company knowledge: Although contracted staff will hold the required skills and experience to complete the job, they are likely to have received less training than employed staff. As a result, their overall knowledge of the products, service and company is likely to be limited.

Inconsistent operational processes: Some third-party workers may have a different approach to job completion, internal communication and customer service which could lead to missing or incomplete job information, frustrations within the team and customer dissatisfaction.

Limited visibility: It’s often more difficult to gauge the capacity of contract workers as you’re likely to have less visibility into their operations and processes. Without insight into their full schedule and workload, it’s difficult to know how much work you can assign to them.

With the field service industry working with more and more contractors to increase their flexibility and reduce costs, businesses are looking for a solution to streamline their field operations to effectively manage both employed and third-party field workers.

MPOS field service software allows businesses with off-site workers to successfully manage and coordinate their field operations by providing field workers with instant access to the resources they require via mobile and tablet devices.

All field workers have access to product, service, customer and company information at the touch of a button and operational processes are simplified with step-by-step workflows, prompts and alerts sent via the mobile devices.

The implementation of field service software enables businesses to be more dynamic and flexible, providing greater levels of customer service and improved first-call service success rates. Operational efficiencies can be gained by optimising route and mobile worker schedules to reduce fuel and administration costs, and emergency jobs can be quickly assigned and schedules easily adjusted with minimum disruption.

Performance of all field workers can be monitored and analysed with the in-depth KPI reporting tools allowing you to measure and compare what is important to you – jobs completed per day, time spent on site, first-call success rates, parts and sundry sales etc. From this, you can quickly identify areas of success, measure the performance of your third-party workers and identify and opportunities for expansion.

So although working with contract workers may at first seem risky, with a powerful and effective field service management solution, you can successfully manage your workforce whilst lowering costs, improving flexibility and productivity and increasing your outreach.

The MPOS field service solution creates the operational hub for field service organisations transforming your operations and providing your business with the tools it needs to succeed.

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