Why user-experience a critical factor in the deployment of your mobile data solution

If you are looking for a mobile data solution for your delivery business, your main focus is likely to be on the benefits it will bring to your business; improved visibility, time and cost savings, increased productivity and efficiency and greater levels of customer service and satisfaction. However one factor that often gets overlooked when reviewing and selecting a new mobile data solution is the user experience and particularly, how your mobile workers will operate the software after deployment.

The key to any new technology implementation is ease of use; this plays a vital role in its success, directly affecting how quickly the solution is adopted by staff members and therefore how quickly it starts to add value to your business. Any investment that a company makes in a new product or solution can only deliver its intended benefits and ROI if it’s used, and embraced, across the whole organisation.

One of the many risks associated with not considering the user experience and/or not providing your staff with adequate system training prior to launch, is resistance. If your staff and mobile workers struggle to operate the software (or hardware), the solution will be viewed as an inconvenience. For mobile workers, taking time to learn and often self-teach new, seemingly complicated ways of working can create barriers to adoption and could ultimately result in users attempting to by-pass processes, revert back to old paper-based methods or patching together their own disparate ways of using the solution. This could be disastrous for a business that has recently invested time and money into the deployment of a new solution.

So what factors should you consider when assessing user-experience? Any mobile data solution should be fast, easy and simple to use. Ease of use for your mobile workers should also include how the mobile or tablet device is used, carried, docked and charged. For example, can your mobile workers operate the software on their handheld device using just one hand when required? Can the device be attached to their belt whilst they are completing deliveries? Can the device connect to a wireless printer if required? Is the screen large enough to display the optimal amount of data? Does the device need to be rugged and more hard-wearing?

Of equal importance is how intuitive the solution is; for example are the workflows easy to follow and understand? Can they be configured for different job types to make it easier for your mobile workers? Can transactions be completed with just a few clicks? Can order details be amended in one screen? Can information be captured and stored against a customer record quickly and easily? All these questions will have an impact on whether your mobile workers fully adopt your new solution and will affect your return on investment.

Once the mobile workers complete a job, it’s important that the data is automatically sent back to the office for processing ensuring a fully connected workforce. This avoids timely uploads and downloads at the end of the day – one of the common frustrations experienced by mobile workers.

Whilst it is not impossible to address user issues and provide training after implementation, a long drawn out adoption of any solution will have a serious effect on efficiency. It’s also much harder to convince staff of the benefits of a solution if their initial experience of the software has been negative. Even if the issues are resolved and full retrospective training is provided, this initial negativity towards the system could have a longer-term impact on employee satisfaction with the technology.

The user experience really is fundamental to the success – or not – of implementing your mobile data solution. By ensuring your mobile data solution is user-friendly, you are not only likely to witness quick and problem-free adoption from your staff, but you will also be helping your mobile workers improve their efficiency, streamline their processes and help them become more productive. All of this is likely to have a positive impact on overall job satisfaction.

So, if you want to make sure you are investing in the right mobile data solution for your business, always remember to involve your users before you make your final selection. Successful solution implementations are those that are easily adopted because they’re intuitive, easy to use and the benefits to the users are clear.

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