How mobile workforce management software can boost your bottom line

There are many benefits to introducing new technology to your business, from smoother, more streamlined processes, to greater business insight and increased productivity. Here we explore the most important benefit – how this affects your bottom line…

1. Eliminating the risk involved with paper-based processes

The reliance on paperwork and manual processes within any business creates numerous risks, but these risks are even higher when the paperwork is distributed to mobile workers, taken out into the field, and then required to return to the office at the end of the day for processing. Delivery and service notes can be lost, delayed or incomplete resulting in confusion, poor customer service and slow invoicing. You may be losing revenue without even knowing about it.

With a mobile workforce management solution, new jobs and data are sent instantly to mobile workers’ smartphones or tablets and as soon as the in-field data is captured and complete, it is automatically sent back to the office. Invoices can be generated quickly, customer information can be updated instantly and orders can be immediately processed. There is no delay while waiting for paperwork to be returned by mobile workers at the end of the day and any issues or disputes can be resolved quickly with all current and historical data instantly accessible.

Your business may still require paperwork for certifications, warranties or third party documentation, but at least your core workflow will process as quickly as possible without the unnecessary bottlenecks of a paper work orders.

2. Accelerate invoicing

It can often take between 10 days and two weeks for service and distribution businesses to invoice their customers when using paper-based processes to generate invoices. Add to this the time it takes for your customers to make the payment and for it to arrive in your account and you could be looking at over a month to receive payment. The longer it takes to receive payments for your services, the greater the impact on your cash flow.

With an automated solution, invoices can be sent electronically to customers immediately after a service, sale or delivery has been completed, without the need for any additional data entry. This process can eliminate costly time delays with issuing invoices and ensures you are paid as soon as possible.

3. Gain real-time visibility of your mobile workers

With a mobile workforce management solution, mobile workers are connected to the office at all times providing managers and office staff with full visibility of workers’ locations, completed jobs and progress against schedule. This increased visibility allows managers and office staff to make more informed, real-time decisions, to be able to allocate emergency repair or call-out jobs and give customers accurate ETAs.

4. Connect the back office into the field

By connecting your mobile workforce to the office or depot (and vice-versa), all staff members are able to access the data they require to efficiently manage their workflow. Mobile workers have access to their individual job and route schedules, customer and order details, equipment logs and service history, and stock and part inventory, all available at the touch of a button. Then once a delivery, sale or service is complete, the details are automatically sent back to the office team for processing.

5. Improve customer service and satisfaction

Customer service plays an extremely important role in the continued success of any business. If your customers are not satisfied with the service they are getting, it’s now easier than ever for them to go elsewhere.

With an integrated mobile workforce management solution, customer-specific information is always and instantly available to mobile and office workers so everyone is fully informed of the customer’s requirements, credit, order and service history and any agreed SLAs. Full visibility of mobile worker progress also provides office staff with advance notice if a job is running behind schedule, allowing them to inform customers of a delay and manage expectations.

6. Effectively analyse performance

With so many variables in your field operations, it can be hard to really analyse your performance and identify areas for improvement. In order to really maximise profitability, you must have access to the summary metrics and underlying details that your business generates. With the in-depth KPI reporting tools available within mobile workforce management software, you can measure and compare what is important to you – sales by route and by mobile worker, time mobile workers spend on each customer site, high value customers etc. From this, you can quickly identify areas of success and opportunities for growth and development, as well as being able to address and irregularities.

7. Increase average sales value

To increase total revenue, you either need to increase your number of customers, or sell more to your existing customers, or both. Increasing your average sales value per customer is the fastest way to increase your bottom line, and doing so should be relatively easy if your customers are satisfied with your service.

Mobile workforce solutions can prompt your mobile workers to offer customer-specific or category based promotions and suggest up-sell products to maximise every sales opportunity.

8. Increase productivity

With a simple to use, fast and intuitive mobile workforce management solution, mobile workers are able to complete more jobs in less time. Mobile workers use their mobile or tablet device to complete the sale, delivery, order and/or service details then capture the customer’s signature electronically – all significantly reducing the time taken to close out work orders, letting them get on to the next job more quickly. If a job is going to be missed due to unforeseen delays, office workers can reallocate the job to another mobile worker to ensure the customer is serviced that day.

Mobile data solutions also works offline ensuring that there is no loss of data while out in the field in a place with no network or connectivity. With more time to do more jobs and with the admin side of their work simplified, mobile workers are more productive and efficient.

9. Integrating systems to reduce manual data-entry

Mobile workforce solutions can be fully integrated with existing back office systems, so as soon as information is captured in the field, it can be shared across the other departments. From instantly updating customer records to creating invoices or feeding in to timesheets, information can be automated between systems removing the need for data re-entry and potential human error. This not only reduces costly mistakes, but it also reduces the requirement for manual intervention, allowing you to either reduce staffing costs or realign staff to more strategic areas of the business.

By streamlining scheduling process, increasing mobile worker productivity, improving customer satisfaction, accelerating invoicing, automating workflows, and generating new sales opportunities, mobile workforce management solutions really can significantly affect your bottom line.

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