Five signs that indicate your business requires a mobile workforce management system

Mobile workforce management systems deliver a broad range of positive results and are implemented by businesses across multiple sectors for a multitude reasons. Often, both internal and external pressures can drive circumstantial business needs which demand immediate resolution.

Here we explore just five of the possible signs that your business is in need of a mobile workforce management solution:

1. Manual processes are cumbersome, inefficient and wasteful

Paperwork is slowing down your processes and unavoidable errors are being made due to inevitable human error. Delivery and service paperwork can be lost, delayed or incomplete resulting in confusion, poor customer service and slow invoicing. Paper-based processes are becoming increasingly wasteful and affecting your businesses carbon footprint and ecological status.

2. Current infrastructure is holding back your business growth

With lack of integration between your company’s systems and processes, the day-to-day management of your business requires manual intervention at multiple stages of the sales cycle. Growing your business with higher order volumes or an increased customer base would put substantial pressure on your current infrastructure and the lack of scalability is holding back your expansion.

3. Competition is strong and you’re facing increasing pressure to stay ahead

Customers expect and demand more from their suppliers and if their suppliers do not deliver a service to their expectations, it’s easier than ever for them to go elsewhere. Lack of automation and responsiveness increases the chance of customer dissatisfaction and stunts your business’s ability to quickly and effectively react to market shifts and trends.

4. Workforces are disconnected and monitoring mobile workers is a challenge

Your mobile workers set off on their routes at the beginning of each day but until they return to the office/depot, you have no visibility of their progress, sales or stock. Communication with your mobile workers is managed via mobile phones and if delivering to areas with limited connectivity, communication is impossible. Customers are not informed of delays and urgent or immediate orders cannot easily be scheduled for same day delivery.

5. New and changing legislations mean you need to ensure full compliance

Existing workflows and processes are prone to errors which could ultimately lead to failure to comply with customer and government legislations, potentially jeopardising the continued operation of the entire business.

If any one of the five challenges above are present in your business, it’s likely that a mobile workforce solution would bring multiple benefits and reduce risks within your operation.

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