From business owner to mobile workers; exploring the positive impact mobile worker management software can have on your workforce

Mobile worker management software creates a smooth and secure two-way flow of information between your mobile workforce and office team and systems. This seamless connection between field and base increases productivity by reducing overall administration and manual tasks, automating workflows and creating greater levels of visibility to all areas of your business.

The benefits of mobile worker management software are organisation-wide; here we explore the impact an effective mobile workforce solution can have on you and your team – from business owner to mobile worker.

Business Owners

Business owners need to have full visibility of commercial data and business performance at all times. With greater business insight and real-time visibility of your entire workforce and trading performance, you can improve competitiveness, customer service and retention, while increasing profitability and company valuation. Other benefits include:

  • Complete visibility of all areas of the business at anytime, from any location
  • Cost savings across all areas of the business, including administrative costs, fuel and vehicle maintenance, staffing overheads and stock/wastage management
  • Improved cash flow with real-time data transfers to and from mobile workers enabling earlier, automated billing
  • Instant access to in-depth and customisable KPI reporting tools to analyse business performance and identify opportunities for expansion
  • Reduced customer disputes and risks relating to legislation with all documentation stored electronically with instant data recall if/when required
  • Increased customer base and market share with a robust platform to manage business growth
  • Instant access to in-depth and customisable KPI reporting tools to analyse business performance and identify opportunities for expansion
  • Competitive advantage by demonstrating your commitment to investment in new technologies for the benefit of your customers (and your workforce).


As a manager, accountability of your mobile workforce is critical. An automated mobile data solution removes the guesswork from managing mobile workers by providing managers with a real-time view of their fleet and worker locations, route, progress against schedule and stock movements. This knowledge allows for better decision making, resource utilisation and planning. Other benefits include:

  • Schedule, optimise and monitor route sequences and easily adjust workloads to accommodate urgent requests and unplanned changes in circumstances
  • Monitor performance against schedule with real-time GPRS location to ensure customer SLAs and delivery windows are achieved
  • Identify areas of success and opportunities for growth and development, as well as being able to address any irregularities
  • Apply business insight and intelligence to speed up exception handling, further optimise operations and prevent new problems from occurring
  • Fewer customer complaints and faster response to disputes with immediate data recall, including customer signatures, photographs and delivery paperwork
  • Instant access to mobile workers’ daily transactional and stock figures
  • Increased workforce productivity, improved accuracy and greater levels of workforce contentment with effective technology to aid their daily workloads
  • Customisable reporting functionality saving time on manually sourcing and analysing data allowing more time to focus on growing your business and penetrating new markets.

Office Workers

For office workers, the need to complete manual and labour-intensive data entry tasks, often creating unnecessary duplication and errors, will be eliminated with the automated transfer of data and full integration of systems and software. Two-way communication between the office teams and mobile workers ensure office and customer service teams can proactively inform customers of delays or changes to schedules thus improving customer satisfaction. Other benefits include:

  • Remove the need for manual, labour-intensive data entry reducing risk of errors and duplication of workloads
  • Automation of processes such as pre-delivery customer notifications or real-time customer delivery tracking, reducing inbound call volumes and freeing up administrative time
  • Faster response to customer delivery demands and queries with real-time visibility of mobile workers and delivery progress
  • Proactively manage customer expectations and delivery ETAs – instantly recall and email proof of delivery documents for faster dispute resolutions
  • Increased focus on customer service and more time for completing proactive, revenue-generating tasks
  • Increased visibility of daily progress resulting in more informed, real-time decision making and the ability to easily and quickly allocate emergency jobs and give customers accurate ETAs.

Mobile Workers

The need for mobile workers to complete cumbersome and time-consuming paperwork is eliminated by equipping them with mobile or tablet devices allowing access to all the information they need at a touch of a button.  Mobile workers are fully connected to the business with new messages and alerts sent directly to their devices informing them of any changes to their routes or other potential obstacles. Other benefits include:

  • Instant access to order, customer and any special instruction details via mobile or tablet device to efficiently manage workflow and remove the need to contact base
  • Increased mobile worker productivity servicing more customers in less time
  • Reduced errors due to the removal of manual tasks and paperwork, also reducing the risk of lost data
  • Increased connectivity with two-way communication between field and base
  • Time and cost savings with mobile workers required to spend less time at base distributing paperwork and manually handing over daily transactional data
  • Offline functionality minimising the inefficiencies and frustrations of intermittent connectivity
  • Safer work environment with daily vehicle inspections and real-time connectivity sharing location, route and progress with base
  • More professional and competitive company image instilling pride in workers.

Mobile Enterprise Systems is the leading supplier of mobile worker software providing a configurable and scalable, end-to-end solution bringing multiple benefits across all departments for businesses with mobile workforces. Equipping your workforce with an effective mobile data solution will undoubtedly increase your responsiveness, performance and overall profitability.

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