How to reduce your field service costs?

Managing the cost of service delivery is a challenge for most field service organisations due to the many operational complexities, external variables and influencing factors that can suddenly drive up costs without prior warning. Without the tools to effectively manage and control field service costs producing accurate financial projections is an impossible task and the inability to plan ahead could lead to devastating financial consequences.

Here we explore ways in which field service management software can help businesses to reduce their field service costs whilst enhancing overall service levels.

1. Improve task completion times and first-call success rates

Unexpected delays can occur due to unforeseen issues such as traffic and problems at the customer’s location, as well as delays caused by poor planning and lack of information, such as field workers finding that they don’t have the required parts to complete a job.

In order to complete service tasks to the best of their ability, field workers require instant access to equipment logs and service history, parts and stock data, customer details and any customer-specific instructions.

With access to all the information they need at the touch of a button, plus intuitive Satellite Navigation to avoid traffic delays when possible, jobs are completed faster and first-time service success rates improve.

2. Dynamic shift scheduling

When a field worker experiences unavoidable delays, real-time shift scheduling enables office or management staff to adjust field worker schedules to overcome these delays. If one field worker is unable to complete a task, another nearby or available worker can be assigned to the job to ensure customer SLAs are met and customer service levels are not negatively affected by any unanticipated events.

3. Invest in your workforce

Investing in your workforce by providing them with effective and intuitive tools to better manage their workloads can boost a business’s bottom line. By motivating your teams and demonstrating investment in the latest technology, employees are likely to feel more valued, motivated and will be proud to be working for a forward-thinking organisation. With a happier workforce who are more invested in their jobs, your business is likely to benefit from improved productivity, greater accuracy and better service levels for your customers.

4. Minimise overtime

Whilst overtime is sometimes unavoidable, overtime is often a result of lack of overall visibility during the planning process. With an effective field service scheduling platform, overtime can often be circumnavigated by identifying potential overtime scenarios and alerting office and management teams in advance who will have the ability to reschedule jobs accordingly.

5. Lower fuel costs

Through route optimisation and dynamic scheduling, drive distances can be significantly reduced reducing fuel consumption and improving mobile worker productivity to allow for more services to be complete per day.

6. Better accounting and data entry

By eliminating the need for paper-based processes, administrative resources and costs can be significantly reduced. Field workers complete and submit all proof of service and invoice details while they’re still in the field, sending the data back to the office in real-time resulting in improved accuracy, faster invoicing and quicker payments from customer thus improved cash flow.

7. Increase business insight to allow for data-driven decisions

Field service management software with integrated data analysis tools allow business owners and managers to turn data into meaningful, actionable insights.

With the in-depth KPI reporting tools, you can measure and compare what is important to you; identify key drivers of success, review newly implemented processes against key performance indicators, analyze time mobile workers spend on each customer site etc. From this, you can quickly identify areas of success and opportunities for growth and development, as well as being able to address and irregularities.

Final word

Field service management software empowers field service organisations to reduce service costs in multiple areas of their business. With the right software provider and an innovative solution like the MPOS field service management solution by Mobile Enterprise Systems, field service businesses benefit from smarter decision-making and more efficient resource allocation, leaving more time and resources to focus on servicing and growing the customer base.

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