Sage 50 launch and Sage integration capabilities

Over the years, Sage has facilitated or been responsible for many of the advances we now take for granted in business administration. Originally focusing on the need to alleviate the tedium and cost of using cashbooks, petty cash chits and manual payrolls, Sage has continually developed its product set to the level where they can now claim to set the de facto standard for transaction management in the SME to mid-corp business sectors. Their overall product set is a rapidly advancing one, with more and more emphasis being placed on intuitive workflows and on accounting packages which deliver real efficiencies in addition to the integrity that users have always sought.

As a Sage Developer, Mobile Enterprise Systems integrates handheld devices with the Sage office solution to provide mobile order capture and electronic proof of delivery systems. So, to keep abreast of developments in the Sage world, the team at Mobile Enterprise Systems attended the launch of Sage 50 Accounts 2014, held in Daventry. The conference provided the opportunity to learn more about how the new version of the ever popular Sage 50 software will change in 2014 and how Mobile Enterprise Systems can continue to build on our Sage relationship.

Steve Atwell, Managing Director of Sage, was first to address the delegates, and he talked about the direction of Sage as a company and the internal changes that are occurring.  He was followed by colleagues who elaborated on the new features available in the upgrade which include:

  • Support by Sage through Live Link
  • VAT Validation and a “Show Me How” module
  • View stock levels when creating an invoice or sales order
  • Simplified cash allocation to multiple invoices.

The Mobile Enterprise Systems team were invited to address the assembled partner community and delivered a presentation on the latest mobile computing developments in mobile order capture, van sales and mobile proof of delivery, as well as some case studies on how current Sage users are benefiting from integrating the Mobile Enterprise Systems solution.

What benefits can the Mobile Enterprise Systems solution offer Sage users?

With an integrated solution, there is huge potential for process improvements. Among the headline benefits achieved by M-POS users are:

  • End to end stock and credit control
  • Fleet savings including fuel, time and paperwork
  • Reduced or eliminated order processing paperwork
  • Reduction and/or faster resolution of customer disputes

…all of which leads to users being able to benefit from savings on their administration costs.

Put simply, the data held within Sage (current stock, orders, account balances) is downloaded to a handheld device carried by reps or drivers. Vehicles can be routed to ensure maximum economy and once deliveries are made, all documentation can be handled then and there. How far this is taken is up to the individual customer, some may opt just to capture a signature and generate a delivery note, but it is possible to print an invoice and take payment too. At the close of each day, the handheld data is uploaded back into Sage, with no paperwork to change hands or be manually captured room for human error or fraud is drastically reduced.

Will it work for me or my Sage customer?

Whether you’re an owner operator or a company with a fleet of vehicles, Mobile Enterprise Systems we can provide a solution to gain efficiency and reduce costs. Either way it is certainly worth a conversation with us and we can quickly tell you what you can do to help yourself.