Service and delivery management system benefits coffee retailer

Ireland’s most innovative out-of-home coffee machine retailer and service company has selected distribution software specialists, Mobile Enterprise Systems, to implement their market-leading system providing an automated service and delivery management solution incorporating handheld computers for the company’s mobile workers. The new system provides the successful coffee retail and service business with a seamless warehouse picking, sales/ordering, distribution, in-field servicing and accounting system to substantially reduce administration and significantly increase levels of efficiency.

Using the previous paper-based system, it could take a number of days for the drivers to return the delivery and service dockets to the office team, and occasionally, these dockets would go missing. With the new system, as soon as a delivery or service has taken place, the information is sent straight from the driver’s handheld computer back to the office in real-time via 3G/GPRS and the invoice is produced immediately and emailed to the customer for payment.As well as instant and indisputable customer invoicing, the new system will streamline and reduce administration, further improve service levels and provide intelligent asset tracking.

The new automated system will receive and process incoming sales orders from the sales reps out in the field or direct from the customer and allocate the orders to engineers and/or drivers by sending them instantly to the drivers’ handheld computers or by assigning them to a future route. Once a delivery or service is complete, the customer invoice, service or delivery note will be printed using a handheld printer with the customer’s signature recorded directly on the handheld computer. The completed order and/or service data and proof of delivery is then sent back to the office in real-time, providing the management team with an immediate report of completed orders and services by driver and engineer. If the service cannot be completed, the engineer will have the ability to record reasons for this and take photographic evidence on the handheld computer and again, send this information back to the office in real-time.

The asset tracking module will allow the management team and engineers to have a full service history of each piece of equipment and will instantly provide a detailed location of the coffee machinery, whether it’s on a customer’s site, in the warehouse awaiting dispatch or in for repair. This will eliminate wasted time spent searching for the location of a piece of machinery and will assist the engineers as they will always know the model of machinery on-site before they visit the customer.