Electronic Proof of Delivery

Eliminate paperwork and reduce administration costs.

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The simple way to manage and track your deliveries

Our EPOD solution tracks the status of deliveries and collections in real-time and captures proof of delivery data electronically, providing businesses greater visibility and intelligence, faster and more accurate order fulfilment and more informed decision making.

Mobile Features

Using the latest Android, Windows and iOS phones, PDAs or tablets, mobile workers are operationally connected to your business at all times. With real-time data transfers between field and office, our electronic proof of delivery solution combines paperless deliveries and collections with advanced route planning and optimisation to create a powerful mobile data solution

All of our solutions operate with full offline connectivity and all data is stored on the mobile device for maximum resilience and data integrity.

  • Driver call schedule with delivery/collection sequence
  • Enterprise-grade barcode scanning
  • Electronic POD with customer signature
  • Auto-email and/or printable POD
  • POD photo capture
  • Configurable vehicle inspections
  • Customer details and delivery instructions
  • Operates offline (no data connection required)
  • Amendable delivery items/quantities
  • Portable thermal printers to instantly print POD
  • Integrated Sat Nav

Office Features

Designed to integrate with accounting, ERP, WMS and order processing systems as well as any other business-critical applications, our electronic proof of delivery solution provides businesses with a powerful mobile workforce management tool.

As a scalable solution, modules can be implemented incrementally allowing additional functions to be installed as your business grows.

Real-time progress and location visibility

Instant proof of delivery recall

GPS tracking

Failed delivery exception reporting

Map-based route optimisation

Management and KPI reporting

Existing system integration (ERP/TMS/WMS)

Discover how our mobile data solutions can effectively extend your office controls to your mobile workers...

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