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Automate job allocation and improve performance.

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A scalable mobile workforce solution helping field service businesses stay agile

By connecting the office and fieldworker in real-time, our field service solution enables businesses to manage comprehensive field service processes, including call scheduling and prioritisation, service order planning, on-site service execution and billing.

Automating processes and leveraging optimised scheduling functions enable businesses to drive efficiency throughout service operations, increasing fieldworker productivity and ensuring the right people are dispatched to the right job, on time, with the parts and products they need.

Mobile Features

Using the latest Android, Windows and iOS phones, PDAs or tablets with real-time data transfers between field and office, mobile workers are operationally connected to your business at all times. Our field service solution combines optimised call scheduling with dynamic service and billing functionality to create a powerful mobile data solution.

All of our solutions operate with full offline connectivity and all data is stored on the mobile device for maximum resilience and data integrity.

  • Operative schedule with daily call sequence
  • Equipment service history
  • Instant, real-time new job alerts
  • Equipment tracking and movement history
  • Instant, real-time job adjustment alerts
  • Sundry upsells
  • Auto-email and/or printable customer orders
  • Operates offline (no data connection required)
  • Proof of service photo capture
  • Connection to portable thermal printer
  • Integrated Sat Nav

Office Features

Designed to integrate with accounting, ERP, WMS and order processing systems as well as any other business-critical applications, our field service solution provides businesses with a powerful mobile workforce management tool.

As a scalable solution, modules can be implemented incrementally allowing additional functions to be installed as your business grows.

Dynamic call scheduling

Set overage charges

Job management, allocation and prioritisation

Automatic contract billing

Automated regular/periodic call scheduling

Failed service exception reporting

Service/call package plans by customer

Management and KPI reporting

Discover how our mobile data solutions can effectively extend your office controls to your mobile workers...

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